St. Paul Lutheran Church
Pastor: Rev. Neil Wehmas | Tel: 712-364-2918 | Fax: 712-364-3038
100 7th Street
Ida Grove, Iowa 51445
Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

LEGACY grow in our faith in Jesus Christ in order to share that faith with others.

What God put on our hearts...

We have a message and a way of life that the whole world needs to hear and experience. We must pass it on.

It is our desire that you would experience the love of Jesus Christ and become imitators of him through a process we know as Learn, Live, Lead.

We invite you into our church family, where the LEGACY of faith is

  • learned in such a way that people grow to
  • live that LEGACY and
  • lead others to become part of that LEGACY.

LEARN about your Savior, yourself, and the legacy of the faith of the Lutheran Church, through education that happens through worship, Bible study, and prayer.


LIVE as a part of this legacy by wisely managing the gifts (the time, resources and abilities) given to you by God as you take action in serving your neighbor there by connecting to your home, church, community and world.


LEAD this congregation’s efforts to pass on this legacy of faith to the next generations, especially to the youth.


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Our Beliefs & Vision

* By nature and deed we are sinful and lost.
* God, in His perfect love, sent His Son, Jesus Christ to die for the sins of the whole world.
* Through faith in our risen Savior, we are declared righteous, made heirs of heaven, and transformed to be children of God influencing our world

Our vision is to be a community transformed by the Gospel to live out and pass on the LEGACY of faith in Jesus Christ in our homes, community and world. We will empower and equip people to mentor following generations so that the LEGACY of faith continues.


What's L.E.G.A.C.Y.?

LEGACY is an acronym that summarizes what is central to our message and way of life. These 6 core values are what God is leading us to Learn, Live and Lead.







Last Updated: 9/14/2023