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You are all loved, valued, and missed very much!
I have dearly missed the track season, what would’ve been the last for some of you.  I’m missing these last weeks of confirmation.  I know you are missing your last months of school, with your classmates, and your teachers and your coaches.  You are in my prayers.  Contact me if you need anything.  If you just need someone to pray with you, let me know. Otherwise, stick to God’s word, and take up these opportunities to stay connected to one another and to God’s Word.   ~Pastor Neil Wehmas

Zoom Meet-Ups

            Every Sunday in May we will be meeting via Zoom, alternating between Junior and Senior LYF.  It will involve some type of game, occasional prizes, and Bible Study/Devotion.  I hope you are able to join in.  E-mail for a link to the Zoom video.

            May Schedule
Sunday, May 3rd @ 10:30am (6th-8th Graders)
Sunday, May 10th @10:30am  (9th-12th Grade)
Sunday, May 17th @10:30am (6th-8th Grade)
Sunday, May 24th @10:30am (9th-12th Grade)
Sunday, May 31st @10:30am (6th-8th Grade)


Special Service for and By High School & Middle School Students
Sunday, May 10th @7pm on YouTube & Facebook
       Sunday, May 10th originally would’ve been the date of our Senior Recognition Service.  It has been postponed.  Many would be holding graduation parties on this date, and coming days.  Graduation would’ve been the following weekend.  There will be many conflicting emotions in this time.  So, there will be a special service oriented towards our students.  Including a full retrospective of LYF from 2017-2020.  Be sure to check in for the premiere at 7pm on Sunday, May 10th.

Daily Videos
    Every day I am creating and posting videos to help you with your journey through this time.  I am using YouTube/Facebook to post daily devotions.  The range from 7-12 minutes, examining a specific passage of scripture.  On TikTok and Instagram, I am posting 60-second daily nuggets of thought.  My TikTok Channel is @PastorNeil.  Instagram channel: @stpaulig_lyf

Keep Eyes Open for Other Opportunities


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Last Updated: 5/5/2020