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INSIGHT FROM THE GOD’ WORD                                                                        What is Confirmation?

            You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. Gal 3:26-27

            Confirmation is a vital part of the church’s total ministry.  It includes a rite in which baptized youth publically declare who God has worked in their lives through baptism and their promise to be faithful to Christ.

            Through confirmation ministry, the congregation ministers to church members.  The responsibility of caring for church members - especially children and young people - is shared by everyone.  Through confirmation ministry the congregation also teaches the foundations of the Christian and Lutheran faith.  Young people explore God’s Word and learn what it means to serve Christ in the world.

            Why is confirmation important?  Because it helps young people in their journey of faith!  Through confirmation ministry young people 1) identify with the church and its mission and with other members of the faith community, and 2) participate more fully in the life and activities of the church.  The confirmation process gives young people the knowledge they need to contribute to the church’s work.

            Confirmation marks a new stage in life’s journey.  It has great meaning in the life of the confirmand because confirmation is a lifelong process which includes:

1) Baptism - when faith begins as the Holy Spirit enters and begins the nurturing of that faith.  Parents and sponsors promise to support and guide the newly baptized as they grow in Christ.

2) Confirmation - Formal instruction in the faith leads to public confession of faith and formation of God’s action in their lives.

3) Communion  - After instruction the Confirmands are welcomed to the Lord’s Supper so their faith might continue to grow as the Holy Spirit works through this Sacrament.

4) Afterward - Learning does not end when the confirmation classes are completed.  Understanding God’s Word and growing in the faith means a lifetime of regular worship, Bible study, frequent partaking of the Lord’s Supper and a rich prayer life.

            On Sunday, May 6, 2018, in the 10:30 AM service, the following young people will be Confirmed:

Amber Marie Benner    Jaxson Kevin Edward Clausen     William Taylor Forbes     Macaela Mae Johnson   

Kya Kaylin Ladwig        Evan Lee Larsen          Caitlyn Lee Anne Malone        Erin Olivia Nielsen    Zachery LaDon Thayer

            Yes Confirmation day is a day of joy, to be sure, as confirmands confess their Christian faith in their own words before the congregation.  It is a time of celebration as they affirm another step along the way of their Christian walk nurtured by God’s holy Word and the Sacraments.

            God the Holy Spirit will confirm in us that growth in grace which sinners are unable to effect, but which he has done for us through his blessed Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and bestowed on us in our Baptism.

            Gracious Lord, continue to be with this year’s Confirmands, that they continue to grow in their faith as you guide and direct them through your Word and Sacraments.  Amen.

Your Pastor,

Rev. Richard A. Salcido


Last Updated: 5/3/2018